Two new mods on XIV Archive! I also updated my portfolio with a gallery showing my works related to 3D :) 3D Section

28 November 2022 news


Two new mods are available on XIV Archive! A Scales one with special horns, and a makeup for Elezens :)


I also have a new drawing tablet and still doing my driving hours for my driver's license o/

31 March 2022 news


Good news, I was able to nail the first driver's license test, onto the second! Bad news, my drawing tablet died and the new one I ordered is... well... defective so I have to wait for the service support and I don't know when I will be able to draw again. So I'm unable to take any commission, finish the scales mod as well as some adjustments for Sonya commission until then. So, I decided to release beforehand a Facial Sculpt mod I made as I've created the texture before my tablet died x)


There's also a scar mod from a commission for Leiji in my Ko-Fi shop. Happy New Year, everyone!

24 January 2022 news


Finished a couple of projects, happy to say that I'm able to make luminous tattoos mods ^^ One public mod, a port of katanas, available on XIV Archives, one Kofi mod with dragoon scars. About Kofi, I opened membership tiers if some people are interested in supporting my work! (https://ko-fi.com/ennrael/tiers) Also, I welcomed the talented Shinza on my Discord who will open commissions there soon :)

25 October 2021 news


New mod available on XIV Mod Archive "Law's Order Katana to Daggers (with options)". Update for the Revealing Collegiate Blazer, now only one file with an installation menu :)

26 August 2021 news