Update for my Revealing Blazer mod to make it compatible with Highlanders, from version 1.1 to 1.2 on XVI Mod Archive. I also released a new public mod: [ Gothic Silver ] Royal Seneschal Set! :)

17 January 2021 news


Update for my Revealing Blazer mod to make it compatible with Au Ra, from version 1.0 to 1.1. Added an Elegant Facepaint for female Elezens on my Ko-Fi Page! My entire mods and work in progress gallery is on my Discord server: Discord Server Link and you can find my Ko-Fi page here: Ko-fi Page Link

09 January 2021 news


Happy New Year everyone!


2019 and 2020 were years of study for me, very inspiring ones. I was able to obtain the TOEIC with a score of 960 out of 990, thanks to an Advanced English course. The teachers were excellent, I hope to continue improving myself in this field :)


Despite the Covid pandemic in 2020, I started to learn 3D and I dabble now in modding. I released my first mod for FF14 and opened a Discord server dedicated to my creations. I still have much to learn about 3D but I mastered, at least, the basics on both Blender and 3dsmax, two quite different softwares. If you want access to my mods and other creations, here is the link to my Discord server: Discord server Link

02 January 2021 news


Opening of a new section "Video games Reviews", with a first article about Shadowrun: Dragonfall.


Renovation and revamping of the website with a brand new section: "Reviews" :)

19 June 2019 news